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eCommerce, Start Here
Simple interface with video training
More sales with multi-channel ecommerce

1. Have your own online store 2. Share products to 3. Publish to marketplaces

a. I don't have company, can I join?

b. Can i using my own domain?
Yes. Please contact us for support

c. User-friendly control panel?
Yes, and we provide video training

a. How to share products?
Features is ready, just click and share it

b. Why sharing products?
Customer can simple click to order

a. Do I need marketplace seller account ?

b. I don't have, how to signup?
We can provide the guide for new seller registration

c. Do I need a registered company?
Recommended to have a registered company

d. How to publish products?
Publish to marketplace is easy with our control panel

e. How much commission for marketplace?
Normally 5 - 10%, you can review it while submit the seller registration

Search domain
Use our free domain http://
Register a new domain http://  
NetShop Objectives
Sharing e-commerce experience and develop variety of practical tools, helping merchant running Internet business simplify, easier and more efficient!

Simplify e-Commerce.

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